Cancer 2013 Horoscope Forecast

You will be very aware of the Cardinal Climax and the challenging effect that Pluto and Uranus are having in your life. There have been many changes and upheavals since 2008 and this is going to continue especially in your relationships. However, Neptune is in a harmonious aspect to your Sun and this can lead to positive developments in your love life. With Jupiter and Saturn involved in the grand trine, and Jupiter going into your sign for the second half of this year, you will have the opportunity for great success in work. So there will be a great deal going on for you this coming year.Work and Money
For some of you, there will be many opportunities opening up for you and you may find yourself spoiled for choice. For others you may feel completely stuck and frustrated with your situation. There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium here. So it’s most likely that you will go from one extreme of emotions to another. There will be extreme gains but the potential for extreme losses as well.It’s going to be difficult to plan anything as everything will be subject to last minute changes. For example, your boss may suddenly leave, your company may go through some restructuring and you will be asked to move location, your position or department may be terminated, your company may go out of business, your best client may be in financial trouble and unable to pay your fees… Try to safeguard everything you possibly can regarding business and finance. Make sure you have the best protection you can get for your computer and be careful of sites you use to make payments online.This is not a good time to go into a business partnership or to allow someone else to take charge of your finances. There is a possibility that they will be dishonest and steal your money. If you must get into an agreement, make sure that you have it checked over by at least three different attorneys before you sign.Don’t get too comfortable as Uranus is still shaking up your career zone and many of you will be seeking a new direction in your career. A job change is likely but make sure it’s an improvement on the one you’re leaving. From the beginning of July, new opportunities should start to open up for you. Your income could grow substantially towards the end of the year and if you take the risk and move into a new direction you will feel much happier and more confident than you have in a long time.
Family responsibilities, however, could be an extra drain on your finances, so factor that into your weekly budget and future plans. If any extra money comes your way, play it safe and stash it away.This is a favourable year for increasing your income. I would suggest looking at a variety of different ways to make money: investing in real estate, investing in your own business, investing in education and learning so that you can add more services or products to what you already offer and thereby increase your income. Make your own decisions when it comes to real estate and be careful of the people you decide to trust. You will need to be extra vigilant about who you associate with in all financial matters. Make sure you can afford what you are taking on and that you understand all the details of your investments and the character of the people with whom you are doing business. Try to be conservative in your financial dealings and you will do well. Your intuition is highly tuned this year and you need to listen to it as it will guide you to your best investment opportunities and your best career or business direction.Your best time for business activities and new ventures is from the beginning of February until the middle of March. More challenging times are from mid March until mid April and again from December 7th until the end of the year. Try to avoid getting into conflicts at these times. From mid July until the end of August you will have new opportunities and the possibility of new projects. This could be a time of great recognition and of achievement.Relationships
If you are looking for romance, this is your year. There could be an infatuation or an obsession with someone, but also a new romance. Your heart is opening up and you are able to have more meaningful relationships as a result. This will become stronger as the next 5 years unfold. It’s a great time to go travelling to meet someone, or to travel with someone you love. There are new adventures indicated and exciting liaisons to be explored. You may meet someone through work that could turn into a love relationship or into a friendship.Socially, it looks like a positive and popular year for you. There will be many invitations and you will be well-liked and able to turn on your charm. This will help to boost your self-confidence and will make you more attractive to new people and to a wider sphere of influence than you have had before. This is especially true from the middle of the year onwards.However, there could still be breakups and rejections as well. You need to watch out for destructive behaviour patterns that keep you locked in the same old abusive relationships. There may be people in your life that need to go, relationships that are past their sell by date and are no longer nourishing. You will need to think long and hard as to whether you or your partner can make the necessary changes for the relationship to thrive, or whether it’s time to say goodbye and to move on. This is never an easy process for you, but it’s necessary in order propel you into something that is happier and more fulfilling emotionally.You may find yourself strongly attracted to someone and fall in love almost immediately, only to find out later that they were married, unavailable emotionally, or just not the right person. So you may find people coming in and out of your life quickly. Try to get to know someone’s character first before opening yourself up to sexual intimacy. However, you are a cardinal sign and you don’t find it easy to turn off your desires. All in all, your love life looks erratic this year but there will certainly be plenty of excitement!Your best times for romance and love are from the end of February until March 22nd, the whole of June and from September 12th until the middle of October.